Kapraha India is a homegrown clothing label - styled, designed and created by Anushree Saraf Pabuwal of Jaipur- a city that boasts of a rich heritage of textile and craftsmanship.

This label was born from the idea of paying homage to the beautiful craft of hand block printing, incorporating the know-how of highly-skilled local artisans- whose families have been forwarding their craft, generations after generations

KAPRAHA is a Persian/Urdu version of the word ‘Kapra’ which means ‘Fabric’.

Apart from working with artisans from Amer, Sanganer and Bagru - the textile villages of Rajasthan, as well as from Kutch, Gujrat, we also aim to contribute to the livelihood of many women by nurturing their skills of 'silai' (stitching) and 'bunai' (weaving).

We are a label that believes in the language of sustainability, of the power of handmade, of skill and of providing high comfort fashion with the most delicate, luxurious organic fabrics.

With such a wonderful team of artisans, designers and interns we are a happy and growing family.

We have been dressing women across the world in contemporary capsule collections while keeping our roots intact, using textiles that carry the rich heritage of Rajasthan.

To view and purchase our collections in person, please Call /Whatsapp on :

 +91-91458-50680 and we shall schedule an appointment for your visit at our factory.

It is located in the area 'Mansarovar' which is at a 5 minutes drive from Jaipur International Airport.

What People Say

"I love the Kapraha dresses, especially the smooth fabric. All our customers in Germany have been very impressed with the quality and feel of Kapraha clothes.

Thank you Kapraha, also for your ethical business practices."

Paushali Lass

CEO and Founder

Bona Buni Sustainable Fashion

Dusseldorf | Germany

"Hot Chocolate on a winter afternoon.

A weekend of Binge watching Friends.

A playlist with Coldplay on loop.

A new crisp issue of Vogue.

There are few things in life that gives us a feeling of familiarity, of relaxed intimacy & of instant comfort. For me, Kapraha clothing is exact that. "

Saloni Goyal

Graphic Designer and Founder

Paper Planes

Jaipur | India

"Kapraha is perfect for the modern & chic working women. For someone like me, who loves her clothes to be effortless yet striking & impressive, KAPRAHA is the perfect buy. I am in love with their quality since very first piece I bought. "

Divolka Jain

Nutrition Psychologist and Food Stylist

Gyanjee Caterers

Jaipur | India

"Passionate about her work, bold in her direction & persistent in her work ethic. Anushree is an inspiration to us all."

Shehan Somaratna

Operations Director



" I don’t exactly remember how I came across Kapraha, but I am so glad I did! I bought the Empress of Persia set, and the quality and craftsmanship are on point! I had a shift in my shopping habits and gravitated towards supporting women owned businesses from India. I also would like to own unique pieces as opposed to something that I have seen on everyone. I am already buying my second piece from them”

Anisha Yadav

Medical Student

Seattle, USA