Be your amazing self!


2020 has been a haze and we don’t know how this year

is going to pan out.

When I started out, my life too seemed like haze!

Isn't that's exactly how we all feel when we are at the beginning of our careers?

 I was aware of my infinite love for creating clothes, but I had absolutely no idea how I was going to eventually make a company, a label, a brand out of it!

I began my journey in the world of business in 2012.

In my experience of all these years, I have somewhat witnessed what it takes to be an entrepreneur and have learnt many a things to be where I am

today- and yet this journey is endless!


It is HIGHLY important to be super efficient and that simply means getting MORE done in lesser time.

Working 'smart' is the new working 'hard'.

You are passionate and driven but not able to monetise on your plans?

You are hungry for success, but you are not sure where to begin?

Do you constantly feel that you are working SO much and not feeling happy at the end of the day or wonder how another xyz person is constantly tasting 'success'?

Well, we all have the SAME 24 hours, the idea is not WHAT you are pursing but HOW you are pursuing it.

Stop. Pause. Take a deep breath.

I believe, there is STILL something that you need to do differently and this, my friend, is where I STEP IN!

Being entrepreneur is not JUST about fulfilling goals but is also about being CONTENT and SURE and believing that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Trust me, if I can un-learn and re-wire, SO CAN YOU!

So, if you:

-graduated from college in 2015 or later (or know someone who has)

-are an entrepreneur who started his/her venture recently or wants to begin (in any field!)


We will:

-Discuss what you are pursuing currently and re-align goals.

-Understand new personal-productivity tools

-Discuss practical and effective tips on how to efficiently organise your time (this is the MOST Important, you will love it)

-Gain a comprehensive Business Tool Kit to execute your plans-designed by me (how to use this, will also be explained during the session).

Please note- this is not limited to people only with a design background, it can be applied in any field.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: INR 1500

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"I believe it is imperative as of today to be really mindful of the choices you make as you

progress through your day-to-day life. A business can only survive or thrive

as long as you are constantly and consistently aware

of how you are doing it. With this session, I would like to

bring to your understanding some underlying facts that are key to your journey. In these ever-changing times, it is very important that we identify loopholes in how we have

been putting our goals into actions and through these sessions I would like to

offer you insight on HOW you can do it differently !

I am looking forward to meeting you:) "