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The land of Pharaohs

Its time for some summer lovin’! 🙂

Amidst a time such as this, the Corona pandemic, I couldn’t help but dive into my journeys in the past with my partner and look back at all those things that inspired, elevated and allowed our minds to soar .

Bringing to you, our journey through Egypt, a country that played a large role in the history of man-kind and it’s many nuances that inspired us!

To say 'it was AMAZING' is just un understatement.

They say it’s charismatic, a wonder of the world which truly goes beyond the imagination of the human mind. They mean what they say! .

The great #pyramids of Giza are actually #tombs of the great Pharaohs that once ruled Egypt and contained all the jewels, precious stones and innumerable household articles that are meant to sustain and support the Pharoahs ‘life after death’. Today, you can only see engravings of symbols on their walls and nothing else as they were all #tombraided in the same era as they were built. .

They say that #egyptologists have yet to excavate 90% more of the region, as of today only 10% of the underground tombs have been discovered ! This truly is a marvel .It is still not entirely possible to decipher how exactly the Pyramids were actually built!

For all those of you who have a special panache for history, Cairo is a must visit- not only for the Pyramids but so much more !

You need to see: Khan al Khalili Market, Natural History museum, Saqqara, Old CairoCoptic Cairo ( the union point of Christianity and Islam)

These are places which will leave you spell-bound because of their charisma and history literally speaking to you through their walls ️


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