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New Normal

Setting Up Your " New Normal "

As we navigate the impacts of the coronavirus crisis together, I, Anushree, founder of Kapraha,

am committed to contributing to your mental well-being through these times. 

Even though, after having the ‘practice’ of being in a total lockdown for more than 24 days now, I realise I don’t “need” a lot of human contact, I do really miss my local friends and you know, leaving the house every now and then for work or meals. 

But to be honest, this feels like a great lifestyle choice, don’t you think?

I am slowly thinking what it would be once ‘normal’ life resumes, or could this be my ‘new normal’ – have immense time for my self, my personal growth and be selectively social? 

Take a moment to think of what you want, what your ‘new normal’ should be like.

Focus your energies on paper and write down what you imagine.

 As a ‘part-time’ introvert, haha if that even exists, I look at this like a blessing in disguise. I have been part of various online communities for a long time and have always believed in self-sustainability i.e. constantly learning new skills. 

However, maybe you’re not the same!

Maybe you’re feeling lonely.

Maybe the lines are blurring between your personal and professional communities at the moment and it feels weird.

Like, should you talk about Corona with your friends, family and clients?

What new conversations can you have with your partner, now that you are together all the time?  

Here are 3 types of communities you need right now:

A parent’s group (if you are one):

For homeschooling tips, mutual comfort and advice.

You are spending so much time with kids, you need a dedicated place to share your thoughts and gain new insights.

A non-Corona, non-work outlet:

You need a place to rest your eyes and calm your nerves.

I love following Pinterest pages and blogs on travel, design and home renovation tips!

Follow, plan and learn about things that you want to do post the lock-down. Stay inspired so you can execute your long-sustained plans.

We all definitely don’t know until when we can start exploring the world again right?

That doesn’t mean you can’t think about it.

This is the best time to do just that ! Except your dates- look into everything else – the cities you want to visit, the hotels/ Air BnB’s you want to stay in, the restaurants you want to eat at- you can plan and book mark everything and trust me, it’s some thing that will leave you feeling energised and excited about the times to come.

Next, Unfollow the hashtags that don’t allow you to BE:

Declutter your social media. Maybe you need to follow something that is fresh and fun. Something that uplifts your spirits rather than making you feel inadequate.Look into podcasts, listen to someone inspiring – a topic relevant to your business, self growth or spirituality.

You need an outlet for petty venting.This is REALLY important.

Keeping space for people in your mind is real heavy work.

Holding space for people’s fears and worries will wear you down.

So you need somewhere you can vent and moan. This might not be an online community, it could be a group chat with some friends/ people you are close to. And don’t be afraid to set boundaries in your own groups. If you want it to be a non-Corona zone, say so.

Suggest topics you want to talk about, ASK that you want to feel encouraged and motivated.

And lastly, MANIFEST ! This is my most favourite part!


This is something that I repeat to my self everyday :There are always more opportunities.

There are more ways for me to use my creativity.

There IS going to be success. Say this to your self, you need to hear it your self – until it actually calms you down.

Love and Light



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