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Thoughts Become Things

Thoughts Become Things

Many people tell us to think positive in moments when we feel low or uncertain.

We gaze at them, wondering if they are even understanding us.

Wondering how they can expect us to 'think' positive when that is exactly what we are unable to do.It is easier said than done!

This is because they want us to quickly stop feeling what we are feeling and switch back to the happy mode that they know we are capable of.

You know, they do have the right intentions but only you know what you know.

So then, how to REALLY switch?

There is no instant mechanism! RIGHT?

Well, the one thing that I have learnt over the years is to SLOWLY process my thoughts and stop judging my self for feeling them in the first place.

Yes, this is the first step. Stop getting angry at your own self for simply feeling what you're feeling.

It’s OK! ACCEPT what you feel, and think how OFTEN do you feel this way?

When I did this, I saw a pattern and soon I could notice WHAT was triggering these thoughts.

Yes, I could realise which situations/persons were making me feel this way.

AND, I stopped getting angry at my self.I understood that pattern and that allowed me to pin it.

I could analyse how OFTEN it was happening and that gave me some control over myself.

Trust me, this feeling of 'control' in itself is very empowering or rather, it is relieving.


Whenever these low or upsetting thoughts hit me or take me into an unknown world, I instantly 'check' my self and start CHOOSING to switch.And as someone very right taught me- I CHOOSE AGAIN.

This constant practice of choosing and switching ON happy thoughts CONSCIOUSLY changed my pattern and overtime I felt NATURALLY happy!

It’s about constantly working that brain muscle.And before you even know it, you reality will become your thinking pattern.

YES, it really IS that easy!

What do you think?

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